Our SEO Services & Rates

Our SEO Services & Rates.

We are surprised to see so many SEO companies out there are selling their services with extremely high rates even for keywords that are not competitive at all, and we don’t thin that’s fair.

We believe in fairness, so we offer our services based on the estimation of the amount of work needs to be done in every project. We offer our service in two different packages, Ranking Service and Ranking Maintenance service.

We charge ONE TIME FEE for our Ranking Service with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So that means you only pay once (not monthly) from the start until your website ranks on page 1 of Google’s Search Results Pages, and if we don’t succeed you will get your money back.

We charge monthly for our Ranking Maintenance Service. The amount will depends in the difficulty and amount of work needs to be done by our staffs during the maintenance period.

Please contact our Customer Support for price quotes. You can compare our rates to other SEO services and most likely you won’t be able to find one that can compete the FAIR price and the kind of guarantee we offer.