SEO Trends in 2015

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic field. It’s constantly changing over time as the search engines, especially Google, are keep updating their search algorithms. Within the last few years we have seen some drastic changes in search algorithms. Probably because Google is updating their search algorithms more often than ever. In the past few years Google updated their algorithms up to 500-600 times per year.

Observing the changes of these algorithms in the last few years up to the last few months, we can predict what likely to be the trends of SEO in 2015. Of course these are not sure things, but at least we can make preparations based on the actual data we have throughout the years.


1. SEO Will Go Hand In Hand With Content Marketing

The terms SEO and content marketing often got mixed up, probably because these are two of the most important elements in online marketing and search engine rankings. In the coming years, particularly in 2015, these two should go hand in hand to secure the success of an online campaign. SEO will be a vital technical component of online marketing that deals with site indexing, meta tags, keyword research and penalty recovery. While content marketing will become the key factor in search visibility.

2. Mobile Friendliness

In the last few years mobile search has increased significantly. The amount of traffic in mobile search is so huge that Google is placing a great deal of importance on it. Google even released a few new features in relation to mobile usability such as mobile friendly testing icon that you can see next to their search results and a mobile usability section in webmaster tools. Even though it’s still debatable whether mobile usability is now part of the search ranking factors, but obviously Google consider it as an important thing. So going forward, mobile friendliness will be an important thing to consider for every site owner.

3. Brand Names and Citations

These two are significantly improving in terms of importance in the latest SEO practice. Looks like Google is trying to reduce the abuse of link building by replacing them with brand names and citations. So, practically these two will become as powerful as backlinks or probably even more powerful.

4. Social Signals

Following the failure of Google Authorship program, Looks like they’re going back to give more values to social signals from Facebook and Twitter.

5. SEO Is Becoming Less Technical To Emphasize More on Relationships Building

Marketers today are focusing more on “Humanizing” their brand rather than producing lots and lots of content and optimize them technically for SEO. Businesses that are able to humanize themselves and establish good relationships with their audience are proven to be able to stand out and have more chance to win the competition.

6. Negative SEO Is Still A Threat

Despite all the improvements in search engine’s technology, negative SEO is still a huge threat. Thousands of spammy backlinks sent by your competitor can still cause catastrophic damage to your site’s ranking. While link disavow, which is practically the only solution given by Google for this kind of problem is still taking too much time to take effect.

7. SEO Will Have To Be Integrated With Other Marketing Aspects

SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing should be integrated together in a master plan to improve a website’s performance in search results. This is the most effective way in today’s online marketing in order to win the competition.