The Importance of Good Content in The Future of SEO

Article For SEO

Unique and good quality content has always been a vital part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But as the time passes, good content is becoming even more and more important. If in the past you probably could still get away with badly written content or probably even spun content as long as you do all the other things correctly. But today and going forward, it’s highly likely that you won’t be able to get away that easy. That’s because Google has become so much smarter in detecting the quality of web content. Besides, content is now affecting so many search elements that can determine whether your site will rank better in search engine’s results pages or not.

Article For SEO

Here are some important search elements that have significant relations to your content and your website’s ranking in the search engine:

Time on Site

The length of time your visitors’ spend on your site can inform the search engine just how good the content you have. The more engaging and informative they are, the longer your visitors will stay on the website and there’s a big chance that they will be back often to see if you have some new useful information for them.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate has a strong correlation with time on site. The longer your visitors spend time on your website the better your bounce rate. But if most of your visitors just come and go very quickly, then you have a serious problem. This might give the impression that your website is doing something unethical to get visitors, or your website just doesn’t have any good content that can give real value to the visitors.

Fresh Content

Not only you need to have great content on your website, but you also need to update your content as often as possible. Internet users love new content, that’s what’s making them keep coming back to your site. Google also loves fresh content, that’s why Google will send its indexer everytime a website post a new content to index it. The more often Google’s indexer visits your website the better it will rank in the search results.


If you put enough values on your content that are truly helpful to your visitors, they will respect your website and become regular visitors. This will also get you high respect from Google, which will be very useful for your site’s ranking.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people rely on cellphones and other gadgets to surf the internet, so you will have the chance to get more visitors when you create a mobile friendly website. Furthermore, you also need to make your content mobile friendly, so it would be more comfortable for the visitors to read the content from their gadget.


Avoid posting biased content. Though it might get you visitors at first but they will leave immediately when they realize that you’re not actually offering something they’re looking for. It will make your bounce rate to increase and makes your site looks bad in google’s eyes.


People love pictures and videos. Try to use these medias to enrich your content so they could be more attractive to your visitors.